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Presentation on seminar of Commision for Air Quality AS CR

Dr. Vojtíšek-Lom and dr. Topinka have presented results of Medetox project aimed to effect of engine operating conditions on particulate matter toxicity as a result of traffic fluency on 27th November.


Society of Automotive Engineers ICE-2013 conference, Capri, Italy, September 15-19

SAE ICE-2013 konference

Submitted papers

Vojtíšek M., Pechout M., Mazač M.: Real-world on-road exhaust emissions from an ordinary gasoline car operated on E-85 and on butanol-gasoline blend.

Vojtíšek M.: Assessment of low levels particulate matter exhaust emissions using low-cost ionization-type smoke detectors.

Eurotox 2013, Interlaken, Switzerland, September 1-4

Eurotox 2013, 1. – 4. 9. 2013, Interlaken, Švýcarsko.

Active participation of dr. Topinka

EAC 2013 – European Aerosol Conference, Prague, September 1-6

Evropská aerosolová konference EAC 2013

Submitted abstract

M. Vojtisek-Lom, M. Pechout, M. Mazač and J. Topinka: Effects of severe congestion on PAH emissions from a heavy vehicle diesel engine


ICT 2013, Soul, South Korea, 30. 6. 2013

The poster Topinka, J., et al: Genotoxic potential of organic extracts from particle emissions of diesel and rapeseed oil powered engines containing results of this project has been presented on this congress.

ETH Conference on Combustion Generated Nanoparticles, Zurich, Switzerland, June 23-26

ETH Conference on Combustion Generated Nanoparticles


Presented papers:

Michal Vojtisek-Lom, Martin Pechout, Lubos Dittrich, Jan Topinka: Truck emissions under severe congestion conditions: Part 1 – Effects of extended low-load operation of a non-DPF diesel engine on the emissions of particulate matter and carcinogenic PAH.

Jan Topinka, Pavel Rössner, Alena Milcova, Jana Schmuczerova, Andrea Rössnerova, Jitka Pavlikova, Antonin Ambroz, Zuzana Novakova, Vlasta Svecova, Michal Vojtisek-Lom: Truck emissions under severe congestion conditions: Part 2 – Effects of extended low-load operation of a non-DPF diesel engine on the relative toxicity of particulate matter organic extracts.

Vojtisek-Lom M., Pechout M., Dittrich L., Topinka J.: High-volume combustion aerosol sampling using tandem atmospheric samplers.

4th EFCA Ultrafine Particles Symposium 2013, Brussels, May 16-17

4th EFCA Ultrafine Particles Symposium 2013, Brusel, 16.-17. květen 2013

Active participants Dr. Topinka  and Dr. Vojtisek.

Presented poster Effects of traffic congestion and extended idling on heavy duty diesel truck fine particle emissions.

Czech conference Ovzdusi – Brno, 14.-17.4.2013

Conference website – Ovzdusi (Atmosphere) – Masaryk University, Brno

Submitted papers – note: all papers are in Czech

Michal Vojtíšek: Nanoparticles emitted by internal combustion engine during urban operation – a review.

Michal Vojtíšek, Martin Pechout, Luboš Dittrich, Michael Fenkl, Jan Topinka: Experimental investigation of diesel engine particulate matters emissions under prolonged congestion conditions.

Michal Vojtíšek: On the evaluation of the effects of new large parking capacities and congestion on emissions and ambient concetrations of benzo(a)pyrene.

Comparative measurements of diesel particulates at PTB Braunschweig

In January 2013, dr. Vojtisek has participated in the comparative measurements of novel instruments for diesel exhaust particulate matter measurement at the German metrological laboratories at PTB Braunschweig.

Emerging requirements from measuring pollutants from automotive exhaust emissions“.