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Meeting of the steering committee at 15th August

Next meeting of the project steering committee took place on 15th August. It was aimed mainly on assessment of finished experimental work (sampling of suitable amount of particulate matter by high-volume samplers), update of web pages and preparation of documents for prototype construction open competition. The publication activities were summarized and next publication actions were planed in addition.

Conference on Combustion Generated Nanoparticles at ETH Zürich

Part of Medetox research team actively attended the 16th-ETH-Conference on Combustion Generated Nanoparticles held in Zürich (Switzerland) form 24th to 27th July. The leading experts in PM for combustion engines were participated on this conference beside others.

Participation on Genetic Toxicology and Cancer Prevention meeting

Part of Medetox research team actively participated on action 35th Working Days of the Czech and Slovak Society for Mutagenesis by External Environment of the Czechoslovakian Biologic Society arranged at Brno from 9th to 11th May 2012.

The Medetox project was introduced within this action by dr. Topinka. Introduction into issues coupled with particulate matter from diesel engines and its sampling.

Summary of Medetox publications on this action


Project steering committee meeting

Meeting of the project steering committee at 30th April (IEM AS CR – dr. Topinka, TUL – dr. Vojtíšek, MŽP – mgr. Gruntorád)

– Activity A1

Project steering committee meeting

Meeting of the project steering committee at 30th March (IEM AS CR – dr. Topinka, TUL – dr. Vojtíšek, MŽP – mgr. Gruntorád)

– Activity A1

Night of universities

A night of universities took place at 28. 2. 2012. Dr. Vojtíšek, Ing. Mazač and Ing Pechout guided interested persons around laboratory of engines. They discussed issues connected to alternative fuels, exhaust emissions and its health risks. They also show engine operated on biofuels equipped with diesel particulate filter (DPF) and particulates size spectra measurements. It was illustratively demonstrated that DPF reduces number of particles about approximately two orders of magnitude to level similar ambient concentration and cigarette smoke (provided by volunteers) contains significantly higher amount of PM.

– Activity A3

EXM lecture and practice at TUL

A special lecture and practice aimed on diesel particulate filters (DPF) has been prepared for subject Experimental Methods by dr. Vojtíšek on 27th March. The students worked with this DPF, which was loaned to dr. Vojtíšek by manufacturer, studied accumulation of particles inside the DPF and its regeneration and count and size spectra of emitted particles. This was a first practice of this kind in theCzechRepublic, where the DPF are commonly unused and owners of cars equipped by this device usually remove or destroy them and service centers offer these actions openly.

-Activity A10

Output 2012-2

Mr. Gruntorád attended this practice to get to know testing room and visit TUL lab.

– Activity A2

EXM practice at TUL

A topic of nanoparticles generated by combustion engines and their risks were put into lecture of Experimental Methods subject. Measurement of PM size spectra in a CI engine exhaust was conducted in addition to traditional gas pollutants measurement with assistance of Ing. Pechout and Ing. Mazač during a practice of this subject.

– Activity A10, documentation with logo of project not done, this was a pilot practice

Discussion about air quality in Mladá Boleslav

Dr. Topinka and dr. Vojtíšek were invited to public panel discussion about air quality in Mladá Boleslav on 22nd March

Summary of January and February activities

  • The TUL group start development work on mobile high-volume sampler and prepares for a sampling campaign
  • The small dilution tunnel is tested by Ing. Pechout and Ing. Dittrich for future usage for PM sampling at laboratory
  • Created methodology for extraction of filters with PM samples
  • Dr. Topinka and dr. Vojtíšek process and analyze results of pilot set of samples
  • Dr. Vojtíšek in collaboration with CTU in Prague and TÜV-SÜD Auto in Prague performed verification measurements of mobile device for sampling small amount of PM during real driving