Innovative Methods of Monitoring of Diesel Engine Exhaust Toxicity in Real Urban Traffic

(Medetox project)

You are currently at page with description of the Medetox project. This page contains basic information about this project, which is co-finanded by the European Union.

This pure Czech project has been chosen for support within community program LIFE+ Environment in discerning competition by European Commission. This project is focused on investigation of exhaust gas emissions of diesel engines during real urban driving. Project was started on 1st of September 2011 and is taking five years.

Project is realized by Institute of Experimental Medicine of Czech Academy of Science, Technical University of Liberec and Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic.

Aim of this project is to investigate toxicity of diesel engine exhaust emissions during real urban driving with detailed focus on situation on orbital road of Prague. Standard test procedures, carried out at laboratory conditions, don’t give true insight into vehicle emissions operated in real traffic. A prototype of sampling device, which is designed for measurement of basic components of exhaust gas and for its sampling for further biological and toxicological investigations respectively, will be created within this project. Rating of health risks should be based primarily on interaction of exhaust components with model biological systems; not based only on chemical analysis of its composition. The main aim of this project is to apply existing methods of complex mixtures toxicity assessments on exhaust emission from real driving. Results of this project should be used for improvement of legislation for regulation vehicle emissions in the European Union.


Official name of the project – Innovative Methods of Monitoring of Diesel Engine Exhaust Toxicity in Real Urban Traffic /MEDETOX/ – LIFE10 ENV/CZ/651

Duration of the project is from 1. 9. 2011 to 31. 8. 2016.

Total project costs: 1,223,524 €

Contribution of the European Commission (50 %): 611,762 €

Contribution of Czech Ministry of Environment: 154,250 €


Project is near beginning of its realization. Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic is posed as co-financing subject. Partners of this project are: Institute of Experimental Medicine AS CR, v.v.i and Technical University of Liberec.

Main goals of project “Innovative Methods of Monitoring of Diesel Engine Exhaust Toxicity in Real Urban Traffic“ (abbrev. MEDETOX) are:

  • Show innovative methods of possible health risks assessments of particulate matter (PM) from diesel engines operated during real traffic
  • Expand developed methodic among national/international government regulation authorities and other potential users


Other expected results:

  • Expand knowledge about health risks related to utilizing of new fuels and fuel additives and demonstration of standardized toxicity tests usage as a suitable instrument for decisions concerning regulations and policies of environment protection
  • Establish effective interdisciplinary network aimed on overallrating of exhaust gas health risks produced by road vehicles and mechanization and monitoring of a effect of various regulation instruments


Project is participated by:

Institute of Experimental Medicine AV CR

Technical University of Liberec

Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic


Project is funded by LIFE+ program as financial instrument for support projects aimed on protection of nature and environment in the European Union.