The engines can be operated at laboratory conditions, where are placed on test stands

The engines could be teased by combustion of various fuels. In this case are vegetable (viscous) oils utilized – heated pot is used as a fuel tank.

Let’s look what is leaving the tailpipe. We are interested mainly in so called Particulate Matter (PM, what has been caught on the membrane filter). We can determine mass production (by gravimetric method on standard 47mm membrane filters).

More samples are better

We will need an unusual solution for collect huge amount of particles – High Volume Samplers.

Dilution air in pushed into tubes by right sampler, exhaust gas is sucked in and particles are caught on filter in left sampler.

We can try a different sampler (high volume sampler Digitel)

Preparation of sampling procedure

Particles sampled by Digitel sampler

We are also interested in how many and how big particles are produced